recommended plants for tall deep pots

Cindi2(10a CA)October 11, 2005

I may be coming from the wrong angle, but as we moved into a new house we inhereted some wonderful ceramic pots. I have three urn shaped clay pots (two that are about 1.5' tall and one that is 2+' tall, and maybe 6" diameter) that look lovely on the front porch. The pot are reddish clay and the walls of the house and porch are blue/grey and concrete. So...I am taking recommendations for plants to put there, welcoming visitors to my home. (Kid friendly too, as I have 2 young kids). Oh yes, west facing with lots of afternoon sun (and especially warm on the concrete.)



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CA Kate

The only thing I can think of right off hand that needs the depth but not the width would be something with a long taproot, like parsely. If you could get a small Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens ÂStricta ) the tall-skinny would look good, but the plant couldn't be very big to fit that diameter. You'll need frequent water with that small diameter too.

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The guy at my local nursery told me that vines do well in tall pots because the roots like to grow downward. So, I bought a tall pot and planted a madagascar jasmine in it! Good luck

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I do not think your pots are big enough for a long lived plant and would suggest you think more about seasonal plants. Al

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Lavender is another one I thought might do well, especially with that hot afternoon sun. And, of course, it smells great! :)


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wanda(Z9 CA)

I like to use trailing plants in tall pots. Examples would include low growing sedums, million bells, summer annuals like Petunias or Moss Rose (Portulaca).


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

With only 6" diameter, I would fill the pots most of the way with gravel, then pop a plastic pot of an aromatic herb such as rosemary in the top. I agree with Al that you will have to occasionally rotate plants, things won't last a very long time in those conditions.

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suzieh(z9 Altadena CA)

For consideration, it's all a matter of what you like or what may go with your home :0)


Tall grasses





You can always fill bottom with rocks or packing peanuts.

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Trailing plants are a good suggestion. Another one might be Lantana montevidensis.


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