Non dormant Sundews/CP's

thbjrNovember 21, 2007

First I want to thank everyone that posted to my previous thread,...GREAT advice!!! I have since up'ed my light to 2, 100 CFL's and my D. adelae is growing at a rate of about 2 leaves per week. My VFT is also growing, all be it slowly. I think I'll be putting it to sleep for the winter this weekend. Pitcher plant is just sitting there. :I've done a bit of searching on this forum, but was not able to locate a list of CP's that do not go dormant. I think that if they are tropical they don't and temperate do. Is that correct?

Would someone please post a list of non dormant CP's, particularly Sundews? My guess is the non dormant list is much shorter than the dormant list. I believe these are non dormant, but are there more?

Cape sundews (D.capensis)

Spatulate sundews (D. spatulata)

Slack's sundew (D. slackii)

Lance-Leafed sundew (D. adelae)

Thanks for all the help!!!!!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Previous post mentioned

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Hi tom,
Yeah, all those sundews are tropical.
There is great list at
Go to, to the right of the page will be a colored box
that says"Tropical Plants for your home" Click on it.
It will start off with nepenthes.Scroll down till you get to the sundews.
There will be a big list of them and you can buy any of them that are in stock
Cobraplants is the best place to order carnivorous plants I know!!!!
Good luck,

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I would also recommend getting a copy of Savage Garden (~$21) as a great guide to cp's and what are tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate.

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