Nepenthes startup

cmm889November 28, 2007

in the next couple of weeks I'm going to be getting my first set of nepenthes, I've grown numerous other cp's and have been doing my research on nepenthes so that I could really jump into them and get things off on the right foot. So with all these nepenthes that require temperature changes... how important is that? and how would someone whose got plants inside cope with that? suggestions?

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I think you are referring to highlanders versus lowlanders, with regard to temperature changes. Obviously, growing them indoors provides little temperature differential, which actually works pretty well with most Neps that are easy to come by (ventrata, ventricosa, Judith Finn, sanguinea, alata,....)And those are the ones I sould start with, just to get experience on the easier, more forgiving ones. Room temp or slightly higher is just fine for them. The thing to remember about Neps is that they are essentially equatorial, and that means no seasonal changes and warm all year long, as well as a good 11-13 hours of daylight each day. So what I would concentrate on, more than temperature or humdity is supplementing our temperate zone light with artificial lighting. I would also provide a light, airy soil mix. Many people have variations and combinations of Perlite, peat, sand, orchid bark, pine needles, LFS,... I would also provide a lot of room for their roots to grow. amny people grow them in hanging baskets and planters.

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