Lemons brown spots

divevalJanuary 5, 2014

HI! I am newby here... And need your help.

I bought a lemon tree a year ago... It is in Antigua Guatemala, I believe is zone 11, full tropical/sub tropical zone, 5,000 ft above sea level, wether 65/80 F degrees year around.
I am not sure if it is a lisbon or eureka lemon.

The fruit has brown spots, also some leaves have brown spots, the leaves are pointing up.

The tree is potted outdoors on a large plastic pot, it has 8 hours of direct sunlight, it is on my terrace.

Thanks in advance

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Picture of the leaves

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Picture of the tree

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Looks like red citrus scale. I have Meyers in Antigua; and for some reason lisbon and eureka don't do very well there. Look for Bayer Leverage or Confidor and apply it twice per year together with Bayer Silvacur (same tank mixable). For the time being get some horticultural mixed wiith a little copper. Have you by chance been using a broad spectrum insecticide, such as Sevin?? Sure way to get scale; because you kill off all the beneficials which normally keep scale under control.


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Oh... Yes i have been using Garden Safe House Plant and insect killer :/ and other organic insecticide every 3 weeks.
I have Silvacur so i will just buy bayer leverage and apply it on Monday. This morning i used an organic fungicide with cooper since i suspected it was a fungus.
Thanks for your help!!!!

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