Venus Fly Trap Help Needed

Zell755344November 26, 2012

Hey guys,

this is my first carnivorous plant, and it is in rough shape. I bought it at local grocery stores nursery department.

It is very wilty, and it has all green traps that seem almost over open.

It doesn't seem to be in a dormant stage because it has new growth in the middle with a little stem coming out.

I have done some research, but none that really helps.

Thabks everyone!

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After reading some stuff, i actually trimmed back the dead/damaged leaves and traps hoping that helps.

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The plant is indoors right? These need a dormancy period in fall/winter. Place it in an unheated garage or basement or anywhere the temperature is around 40 degrees F. Mine go in the bottom of my fridge. Around March- April I take them out, place them in a water tray with DISTILLED or RAIN water in a south and west window until last frost is over. Then they go OUTSIDE (where they belong) in FULL Sun for at least 6-8 hours or more a day. In water trays.

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Looks like you have two things going on here. The first thing is that the plant looks light starved. Give it more light and the traps should start coming out nice. The second thing is that it possible to give too much water to VFT's.

During the cooler months in winter if you should be making them go dormant for a period of 2 or more months. If you decide to hold off a bit you do not have to keep it sitting in water. Let it dry off a bit but not dry out.

Put that thing into dormancy till spring and it will give you a good show over the summer :-)

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