new pitcher plant :)

sean6219November 30, 2009

Hi,this is my first post in this forum,I just got a new pitcher plant from Cameron Highland which I really like.I forgot to take a photo of it,but it is green with some red stripes or dots on it and it has some "hair" on it.Is there any special care for it?And another question,when I brought my plant back home,i found out that the water fell out from the pitcher on my way bringing it back to my house.Is this ok?Should I add some water in it?

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We need more info on the type of plant it is. Sounds like a Nepenthes but could be a Sarracenia. Take a photo and post it. IF it's a Nepenthes add about an inch of water to the pitchers, this will help them (the pitchers) last longer.

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