Propagating pachypodium

averil(8b)July 5, 2013

Hi folks, just wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I bought 5 pachypodium seeds, planted them in coir nests and after 2 weeks....nothing. I sent off for another 2 lots from plumeria2uk, densiflora and baronii. 2 weeks on nothing. I have used this method with adenium with a brilliant success rate. They are in a plastic box on a heat mat. The first seeds were rather dark brown whereas these are a more light caramel coloured and looked fresher. Before I send off for more is there something I'm not doing right? Or am I just impatient
Many thanks for any advice
Kind regards
Averil Uk

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I don't know much about seedery, but I wonder if now is the time to be starting them, even in the UK. I don't think much is being planted over here across the Pond until fall, even in similar latitudes as yours.

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Thanks cactus, you could be right. I was planting adenium throughout the year last year and they germinated in days. I shall hang off a bit then and try later in the year. Many thanks for replying
Kind regards
Averil UK

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cwcervantes(9A / New Orleans)

I've never had any luck with pachypodium seeds. They seemed to rot very quickly even with high temps.

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Tks cwcervantes, I may have to look for a plant instead

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