Have any extra Venus Flytrap seeds or plants?

Noelle_BNovember 27, 2013

Hi! I am new to the forum, and am very interested in Venus Flytraps. I wonder whether anyone has any seeds with which they would be willing to part? Or any plants they would want to sell for a reasonable price? I have read about the plants and really want to give them a try, plus I homeschool my three children and am always looking for fun and educational projects for us to do. I could trade some "hens & chicks" (the succulent plant, not actual animals! :) or aloe vera if anyone wants to trade, or would be willing to send a postage-paid envelope or pay a reasonable price. I'm looking forward to participating in the forum and learning a lot from you all! Thanks!

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I got a ton of drosea/sundew seeds left over.

But I might have harvested them too soon, so they might not spourt.

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Do you happen to have drosera regia? I'm interested in that one.

In terms of venus fly traps, I just bought a dc-xl, and a b-52 which are known to be some of the largest venus fly traps out there.

One recommendation in getting venus fly traps that I have is to first learn about how to take care of them, and also to take your time in choosing the types that you want. I personally like having huge traps so I went with the biggest species out there.

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