nepenthes cuttings.

nepenthes_ceasarNovember 7, 2007

how do you get cuttings from nepenthes alata? ime getting a big one and would like to get cuttings next spring or later this winter.

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Just cut sections of vine into 8-12 inch lengths with several leaves on each. Make the cuts diagonal and notch the end your going to root... Place them in a darkened vase of water or add rooting hormone to the notches and plant in Nepenthes mix and wait a couple of months for them to root.

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To supplement, cut your stem such that there are nodes (growth points), little green nubby things are above the cut. I am doing the water in a vase approach right now, without Rootone, and so far so good. no roots visible, but the nodes are emerging. Changing the water out on occasion would be helpful.

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