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Citrus_canuck(6b)January 15, 2014

Its been awhile since I posted. All my trees have now been in my possesion for almost a year. All are doing good to decent, not great. I lost a few branches, thankfully ones I wanted rid of reguardless. THey have never been outside, strictly indoors, even through summer. I have 5 grow lights on from 6am till 7-8pm daily. I do a low dose fert with every feeding and once a month a follilar feeding. I have gotten tree look more like I wanted (the loss of branches) and have had pretty steady growth. My limes flower, but never set the fruit... and for now, I am ok with that. I want the trees to grow a bit more first.

I love that they are bright green and healthy, I have a tree putting out some flowers now... I thought it was my meyer, but seeing the buds, its more than likly my key lime (tags got removed... 2 were mixed up)

I have recieved SO much help from everyone here. Happy to be back and posting again.

Happy new year!

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It sounds that your trees look great.I live in the Ottawa area in zone 5a and I am also having fantastic results with citrus trees . Are the flowers on your citrus tree solid white if so that would be the key lime if they have a bit of purple then that would be the Meyer. Are there reasons you do not place your trees out for the summer? Your chances for fruit would probably be a lot better if they did go out for a few months.

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Yes. I was wondering whey you don't put them outside too?
I'll bet you live in a condo or something like that.

I can tell you that nothing can compesate for long days full of natural sunlight....If you had a greenhouse, you would be golden also.

You sound like you are doing a good job, but just think of how much further growth and fruit you would get if you let the natural sunlight do its job!


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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

Here in Cincinnati the winter solstice sun shines at an angle of 27 degrees off the horizon at mid day. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE. Would a greenhouse be of any use with less than a quarter mile clearing to the south up there. Are you north of the arctic circle.

I am using a setup that works great for me. I foliage feed a weak 30-10-10 Miracid 2 times a day in an 80 F box with 16 hours of CFL daylight. You could do the same thing in a closet instead of the box I am using. Just click link below and click on any thumbnail to enlarge.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I dont put them out as it is insanly windy where I am, almost all the time. I initially tried and my largest meyer lost almost all its branches and went flying quite a distance.

I wish I could put them outside. I get little to no direct sun (less than an hour a day early morning sun) and then with the wind... I dont want to love my trees.

Not able to build a shelter from the wind, tried putting them in larger pots filled with rocks, but the trees just hated it.

Happy with growing indoors, they are happy, and yes, I know they'd be happier with some time outside. Maybe I will try this year....

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