artificial lighting for nepenthes

xiiistNovember 20, 2012

so a store near me sells 24" grow lights for $10 each bulb is 7800k 1093-lumens cri-11 17watts i was thinking about putting 4 of them together would this be good enough for any kind of nepenthes by the way all my windows have shaded light and i dont have alot of space to work with any help would be greatly appreciated

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Do you have any natural Sunlight or even bright filtered light from your windows? Even cheap shop lights would work if you need them.

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ok i found a 48" t8 shop light at the home depot it will hold 4 bulbs i was thinking of going with 4 daylight bulbs and as for a good sunny window no all my windows have shaded light

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That'll work fine. Keep the plant about 8 - 10 inches below the lights.

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