Worldwide Exotics and drought tolerant plants

annemarieoOctober 27, 2013

Have any of you been here or know about this nursery. I went by yesterday and walked through the plants for awhile. No one seemed to be there. No one came to help me. I am going to try again. They are only opened to public on Saturdays. They have a web site with a large list of plants they grow. Some very beautiful photos! I also need some suggestions for more drought tolerant low water use plants. I have a couple lavenders and some natives. The plants on the web site are all listed with real names not the common name. I would appreciate some suggestions if anyone knows scientific names. I bought some Lantana today. I have full sun in front yard. Back yard is morning sun. Filtered in some areas.
Thank you. Anne

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I haven't been there, but have you checked out Theodore Payne for natives? They offer classes...

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I haven't been there is over a year. I used to go regularly and the dd and mom were always very helpful. Recently I was in the area and thought they had closed! Sorry, can't help with drought tolerant plants because I love the jungle look.

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

I'm also in zone 10, near the coast so I get a lot of fog in May and June. My lantana, rosemary and ceanothus don't require any water except rain (once established) although I hose them off occasionally to get the dust off of the leaves. I water Teucrium chamaedrys and Cistus once a month. South African bulbs like babiana, watsonia and freesia survive on rain alone.

Are you looking for shrubs, perennials, bulbs, trees . . .

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Kelpmermaid , I was a member of Theodore Payne. Had to drop it when $ got tight. I have a few plants in my garden from there. I love going there wish I had time for classes. Maybe some day.
Eloise, Good to hear I will definitely go back to Worldwide Exotics. They had so much there . I just needed some guidance .
Socalgal, I am looking for perennials , shrubs flowers. Bulbs , but I don't have good luck with them. I am going to look up the plants you mention. Though I am in the valley where it gets quite hot. I would need to water more then you.
Thank you all for the replies,

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