help with scraggley nepenthes ventricosa

nepenthes_ceasarNovember 10, 2007

i have a rather scraggley n. ventricosa tht i bought a little while ago from it is very scraggley and i think it is not getting enough light.

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Hello Nepenthes_ceasar,

If you are using florescent lights, set up 6000-12000 lumens about 5-8 inches above the leaves and give it 12 hours a day over winter. Ramp that up to 16 hours a day from spring to fall. If you use window light, make sure that the plant gets bright partial sun in a south or east facing window for at least 6 hours a day with plenty of ambient light the rest of the day.

Check the medium it is in too. Nepenthes tend to prefer 2/3 perlite to 1/3 peat or 1/3 of each peat, coconut husk, orchid bark as they need more air circulation through the medium to their roots than other carnivorous plants.

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