Is it possible to grow seedless grape?

toffee1October 13, 2010

I am building a small trellis, about 4' x 10' in my side yard. I am wondering if it would be possible to grow seedless grapes on these trellis?

I have never grown grapes before but just curious. I thought that they need lots of sun? my trellis gets only 6 hours of sun.

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They will grow fine, but the amount of shade will limit the size of your crop. Al

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Calistoga, any suggestion on which one to grow? I think seedless comes in both white and red? I am ok with both but need something that is easier to grow in my condition.


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I looked at your member page but your county is not indicated. Your location will have a bearing on the grape you select. If you are in Sonoma county call the county extension service 565 2608 and ask what Paul Vossen the grape specialist would recommend for your location. Al

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Toffee- It's kind of a crime not to plant grapes in full sun, or even full plus reflected off concrete etc. Grapes visibly rejoice in heat. Not knowing where you are, I can still recommend Jupiter as a new milestone in seedless grape varieties. Nothing else comes close. Available at Raintree and (Stark sometimes doesn't list it until January).

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Dick_Sonia(Sunset 17)

If you live in California, it's unlikely that you'll be able to mail-order grape vines grown in other states. You'll have to find a California source for what you're looking for.

'Jupiter' is a seedless muscat grape. It's a good one, if a muscat is what you're looking for. 'Vanessa' and 'Reliance' are both seedless red grapes with American grape DNA that have berries resembling European table grapes and might do well in a sun-compromised site. Otherwise, you should be able to grow 'Perlette,' 'Flame' or any of the other standard market varieties.

While it might be possible to grow grapes in reduced sunlight, sugar accumulation is to some extent heat and sunlight dependent, so you might find that the flavor of the fruit grown in partly shaded conditions does not live up to its reputation. With fruit growing, success is often a measure of degree rather than a yes-no proposition.

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