Huntington C/S Show Purchases (very picture heavy)

Microthrix(9)July 1, 2012

so this was the second cactus/succulent show ive been to ... and i was amazed! there was so many things i wanted! i still got alot of things though , and i spent considerably more than both my sisters combined o_o :P they also had a large crested pachypodium for 300 or 400 dollars that i wanted ... the purchases from this also made the amount of cacti i own just barely bust the 1000 number :D *celebration* ... (sorry i dont have names for alot of them)(caption is above pic , number is either above or on side of pic) (dont know why)

Sulcorebutia and crested austrocylindropuntia


here is a Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa ... im afraid its nickname is not allowed here !LOL


rebutia heliosa var. condorensis


i think i remember the tag saying stenocactus benekei


parodia scopa and haageocereus


frailea, echinopsis `haku jo` and an agave in a cute green pot


a very large gymnocalycium ... i think im in love wih it !


a big bunch of astrophytum myriostigma ... cute!!!!


three various haworthia


the tag said neoporteria for the very spiny one ... is it ? looks like a turbinocarpus ... and a very fuzzy mammillaria


forgot the name of the opuntia-ish one , a stenocactus, and a copper kalanchoe


two asclepiads (my sister is obsessed with them)


more asclepiads and a hoya


MORE asclepiads


two kalanchoe and a MYSTERY !!!!


mystery euphorbia!


Euphorbia hybrid (any ideas?) and the same mammillaria ....(long story)


Cintia knizei ! oh how i realllyyyy wanted one of these!


Epithelantha micromers and cereus monstrose


Melocactus matanzanus ! ahh im in love !!! (dont tell gymno)


Cipocereus ... the guy said these have large blue fruit ... is that true ? how does it taste?


ust a random thing but my aztekium ritteri came in the mail today from germany !here he is with his A. hintonii freind:)


Various lithops...


A euphorbia, rebutia , and a euphorbia leucodendron


lots of pachypodium and dorstenia (gigas !!!!!!!)


haworthia truncata, haworthia truncata hybrid and mystery huernia (has flower so ID. not so far away !)


big gymnocalycium CLUMP ... awwwwww


sulcorebutia mentosa, euphorbia something (tag outside in dark) and neoporteria occulta !!!! and an occulta hybrid


if you went to this show , show me what you got ! i hope someone got the crested pachypodium !

im sitting with some of them as i watch tv and type this right now :P im so happy !

-Zechariah :D

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You got some really beautiful plants, no wonder you're happy. They look like they're going to be very happy with you too.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thank you so much for showing us all those pictures. You did a really great job there. I feel like almost being there. Thanks again. Do get get to meet anyone there? I will same this and watch over and over again.

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That's a great haul! Those certainly are interesting plants and some I've never seen before. I think my favorite is the neoporteria. I've often wondered if it feels soft or harsh. And I like that echinopsis `haku jo.` Those spikes look deadly, but I love the colors it has.

(Oh, I think we know all the nicknames and have had fun with them on occasion making up some of our own...)


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No, i didnt get to meet anyone :( ... the echinopsis 'haku jo' actually has very thin wiglly spines so they arent that painfull ... i thought that when i touched it i would die :P

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

What a HAUL, Zeck! Where on earth do you keep your 1000+ collection? Looks like lots of treasures!! =)

The Euphorbia hybrid may or may not be E. 'Sunrise'. When it grows a bit more, maybe you can tell.

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I will second Rosemarie's emotion! WOW! A very happy birthday to you, Zeck!

I think your mystery plant in #15 with the Kalanchoes is Plectranthus amboinicus 'Cuban Oregano'. Does it smell like Pine Sol? I have 2 varieties, a large leaf and a smaller leaf. Yours looks like the larger.

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I keep my 1000+ in about a third of my yard ... they are all pretty much small plants right now ... growing larger everyday ... i dont know if im gonna have enough room for themm all some day! One cereus i have grew like a foot already this year :P (multiple offsets)

I like the WOW it gave me a good laugh :D !

I really like the euphorbia ... because it is a sunrise can it take less sun? What is a sunrise exactly?

Thanks for the birthday hanzrobo, your too kind! If it does smell like pine sol (im going right now ) i will have it next to me always and i will be smelling it, always (i looovveeee the smell of pine sol)

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Wow. You haveso many beautiful plants! The sale was great wasn't it? If I only had unlimited cash! Lol. My boyfriend unfortunately doesn't give me an unlimited plant allowance :) He thinks I have too many plants in our small apartment yard.

I love your plant that looks like a obesa but is clumping. Its so cute. Ive really startedto like the obesa and obesa look a likes. Love the spereical shape.

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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

The Neoporteria is indeed a Neoporteria senilis or -nowadays- Eriosyce senilis!

BTW there is no Turbinocarpus. The correct spelling is Turbinicarpus. Tell this Jeff Harris too, please!


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

So what are you going to do when you run out of room?

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I dont want to Talk about it ... someday going to have to ... STOP COLLECTING... *sobs in corner* ... no, ill just have to find other places to stuff them, sell some, give some away .... i kinda want to give a nice sized one to someone on here ... maybe you cause your one of my favorites :D

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I need to get some shelving for my plants. I'm running out of room already in my tiny yard. I mostly have to have hanging baskets of plants. I wish I had a nice house with a big yard. Maybe someday! :)

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Thats what i want too! A little house, just down to the basics, with a beautiful yard filled with cacti and cycads and maybe some tropicals ... ahhh, i cant wait ...

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So jealous of everyone who gets to go to shows like this. I suppose it's a good thing, however. I'm a noob to c/s who would get overly excited, spend all my money, and then end up killing a ton of these beauties due to inexperience, and inevitably cry like a baby. ;)

So. Beautiful. Thanks for the pictures, they are stunning!

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