Camden and Columbia- any can't miss garden centers

iechrisApril 21, 2010

I'm going to be in Camden Friday AM and will have to go through Columbia on my way home and was wondering if there are any can't miss garden centers in either town. Names and addresses would be great.


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safariofthemind(z7b NC)

Hate to see no one has answered this request. The only place I can think of off hand is Woodlanders in Aiken.

If you got the Garden Watchdog on google you can do a search by state also.

I would consider making some trips to get stuff once a year. Because of economies of scale you tend to find the best selection outside of big cities so traveling a little can greatly expand what's available to you. I do it all the time, going as far as Northern Virginia. Our nurseries in NC are pretty good, especially in the RTP area. I am sure Charlotte and Atlanta have good ones too.

And of course there's always mail order but I can order the reluctance to start with small plants in quart size pots.

Good luck.


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Woodlanders! Thank you for reminding me. I'm in Aiken all the time and have never been there. I did end up going to Woodley's Garden Center in Columbia which was on my way home. I like trying to visit different garden centers when I'm travelling, sometimes I find some really neat things.

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If you are like me, I find neat plants at nurseries while on trips and then have to make sure I can keep them alive til I get home. lol

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iechis, before visiting Woodlanders suggest you study its online catalog carefully. It is a confusing nursery to visit and it helps to know the plants for sale ahead of time. Also, it is open to the public to browse but you must place an advanced order to make a purchase. Bottom line...visit in the morning, place an order, have lunch downtown, return to pick up your plants.

Also, when in Aiken set your GPS for Nurseries Caroliniana which is about 20 minutes down the road. This is the nursery of another famous plant hunter, Ted Stephens. Also has an online catalog which does not list all it sells. An adventure awaits you there. Tucked under the tall pines are many surprises. A treat to visit.

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You didn't mention Sumter, but the Iris Gardens there are fabulous. I believe the Iris festival is coming up next weekend so it'll be crowded then. But it is really a great place. Lots of swans of all kinds, too.

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