Wilted DeRoose Alata

gre4pr(6)November 21, 2013

Hello again I recently ordered two more Nepenthes DeRoose Alatas and theyspent a week in the postal service. After looking through the forums I decided to ask for help again. The company has already decided to send me two more for free, but I don't want to kill these if they have a fighting chance. The picture is one week in my care. I'm hoping their just in that much shock but would like to know if their fate is grim.

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This is the other one.

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Give them more time. What kind of water are you using? And for now give them bright, indirect Sun. Not direct Sun.

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They are getting rain water brought in and left to allow for the temp to raise before watering. That's a 24 hour warm up. They are also under four compact fluorescent bulbs on my ceiling fan. The pics were on my porch so I could get better pics. The first one was what I was really curious about because even the growth tip wilted. Also the company has sent more to replace them but it has been in the mail since Wednesday and still haven't came in yet. The hygrometer says our house is at 70-80 rh but I don't know on that. Stays 65ð-75ðF. I water only when while pushing sphagnum water no longer comes out. Anything else just ask.

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Keep moist, rainwater is good! give them some more time....

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They are getting a little bit of the waxy coating back to their leaves. Also one leaf has died but that is probably to be expected after not having any light or water for a solid week. The bad part is with the amount of time the replacements have been in the mail, I will have to start again with reviving them.

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Ok now three more leaves on each plant have died and all the others had to be trimmed halfway. Is there still any chance of them living? I know the conditions are good because my third plant that is only 4 months older is doing wonderful and the basals are taking off wonderfully. Can I check it or will the disturbance kill it?

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