Berlin 2013

johnmerr(11)January 29, 2013

Next week these Meyers will be featured at the 2013 Fruit Logistica Show in Berlin 6-8 Feb. These are our Gourmet Grade, averaging 10-12 oz each.

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Johnmerr - I tried a search for Meyers in the Fruit Logistica catalogue, but couldn't find anything. What company or trade name are you using in Berlin?

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They are Mayan Meyer Lemons, being shown by my exporter, Frutesa from Guatemala. We sent some last year and they were a huge hit.

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Have my, friends not seen this, or are they becoming bored with success?

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey John

its been ssloowwwww around here lately. Your lemons always look fantastic.

My 6 your old tree is blooming more than ever right now. Im hoping It will give me a couple dozen.

My two year old tree is being a brat. I have followed your advice to wait a little bit after fruit sets to remove it as to stop the flowering, but it just keeps flowering. Some of the ones I removed were about marble size. I dont know if I should wait until the fruit it sets is bigger or just what to do.


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I suspect you are over feeding your Meyer. At this time of year, if it is well fed, it will just keep blooming. Your 6 year old tree should do a pretty good job of self-thinning; the 2 year old will need help if you want the tree to grow.

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Your lemons look so beautiful, I want them all! Congratulations and good luck, I'm sure your lemons will be a huge hit once again! I'm taken by the color as I don't know exactly when to pick mine ( currently bright yellow with still a touch of green). My first Meyer, picked recently, was very sour, it was really bright yellow with no green. Should I wait for an orange-y blush rather than bright yellow, or is my computer playing with the color?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Sorry, John, have been distracted with the "wedding of the century" here. Sigh. Lemons look almost fake they are so perfect! Those are some big 'uns. Very pretty, and perfectly displayed for high end gourmet folks. Let us know how the show goes! So much hard work has gone into getting to this point.

Patty S.

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These lemons are really that almost orange color; they are show lemons, designed to WOW you. Technically they are overripe, ripe being defined for a Meyer at 8 to 8.5 brix(% sugar). Your lemons are ripe now, and will not get better; the skin will get thinner if you leave them, and they will lose a little juice; but some people like them that way. I suspect if they are a little less sweet than you would like them, you may be underfeeding your tree.
Yup, almost too perfect; but they are specially grown for this fair. We have to tell commercial buyers that this is our Gourmet Grade, available in limited quantities at special prices; our commercial grade is a little smaller and perhaps not so perfect, but exactly the same quality. Here is a foto of the first commercial lemons that will be offered here next week in a very high end produce store. This photo is before washing and waxing and labeling; so don't judge them too harshly.

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Thanks John, I came to the same conclusion myself recently for other reasons, didn't know fertilizer might affect the sweetness as well. Could you explain about waxing?

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Most citrus are waxed for extending shelf life and to add a little shine to the fruit. I use a carnauba water wax; but the lemons above for the show are not waxed; that is their natural glow; and no need to wax for air shipment and consumption next week.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia



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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Very nice, John. Excited for you! Will you be flying out to Berlin as well, or just the agent?

Patty S.

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Maybe next year, when the "world" wants to meet the creator; this year, as last only my exporter/agent will be there. In general, Berlin in February is WAY too cold for tropical denizens like John.

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westgirl(8 WA)

Congrats John! The lemons look gorgeous, and you've done so much work to share the bliss of Meyer Lemons with the world. Hope all goes well, and thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures! I look forward to the next installment...

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Those lemons look perfect. The unclean ones look good to me as well. Be a sport and slice one in half for us. Do the gourmet fruit have fewer seeds or thinner rinds than most Meyer Lemons?

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The rind of our "show" lemons is thinner; because they are overripe, i.e. left on the tree too long, especially for this show. The only difference between our Gourmet Grade and the Commercial grade is size; Gourmet is 2 per pound; commercial is 3 per pound. Seeds are a different matter; it depends on the number of bees. The Meyer flower does not need bees to make lemons; but it needs bees to make seeds.

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