Best CP for low humidity?

cpnewbyNovember 4, 2008

Hi - I would like to get my boyfriend a carnivorous plant as part of his christmas present. It would be an indoor plant that could get lots of light if needed, but he lives in an area of low humidity and is at about 4700ft. (we're in the sierras). I don't want him to have to keep the plant enclosed all the time as it's diet would be from indoor gnats and fruit flies. Something that doesn't need a dormant phase would also be better. Thanx for any info!

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I have never had to worry about humidity with my plants, they tend to stay in Twin Falls ID (an irrigated desert) and inside a bedroom on a windowsill without a huge mess. I have found that frequent small waterings help them a lot better than lots of water every few days -- which might contribute to more humidity.

What I would get would be some good basic plants -- perhaps a Monkey Cup, a Cape Sundew, a Butterwort, and/or a Venus Flytrap. California Carnivores sell a "Mini-Windowsill Pack" of them:

They have several good collections that make great gifts:

They also have a great book:

VFT might be pushing one's luck, I've tried 1 indoors 1 outdoors and the outdoors one is MUCH happier. But if he has a sunny porch or balcony... :)

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Thanx for the reply and all the info! I'll definitely check out that site. I had seen some other small collections but it seemed like each of the plants had very particular needs. Do they all need a dormant period?

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Of the ones I mentioned, for the most part only the Venus Flytrap needs a dormancy period. The Monkey Cup is a tropical pitcher plant, the Cape Sundew is from South Africa, and the Butterworts tend to come from arid or tropical areas (Mexico, for example).

What area are you in, btw?

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the plants would be living in Gardnerville, NV. I'm in Incline Village, NV.

I think i'm going to go with that small windowsill collection which I believe does not have a venus flytrap in it.
If I order it in the beginning of december just to make sure I get it in time, I'll have to take care of them for 1-2 weeks potentially. Since it's started snowing here there aren't many insects out and about. Could I give them like a small spider each once a week (or any other small insect i might find in the house)? just until i turn them over to him.

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I've read that CPs in the wild can be as unlucky as to only catch a single bug once every 1-3 months. So I wouldn't worry about it tooooo much. :)

My little pygmies have started catching little fruit flies on their own lately, which was kinda cool. :)

A spider should work, other options would be crickets or Dried Bloodworms from a local pet store. I think the place that sells that Windowsill collection also sells Bloodworms.

Venus Flytraps need live prey (if it's not wiggling trying to get out the traps won't close all the way) so that won't work for that...

Don't forget that CPs need Distilled (and it has to say Distilled, no "Drinking" or "Purified") water. It's about $.50-$1 for a gallon of it at most stores. Tap water won't work.

Here is a good FAQ (although a bit blunt in spots) on just about every CP subject:

And here's the specific water FAQ page:

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Thanx again for all the help! I just hope he gets as excited about all this as I am lol

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