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antechronNovember 2, 2007

Ok, usually when I buy VFTs it is in the spring or summer but occasionally I will buy one in the fall. This time I got one maybe 6-8 weeks ago. As usual I tried to restore the plant to health before send it into dormancy, when it looked happy about 3ish weeks ago, (mind by healthy I mean it was producing many leaves, even what looked to be some of the tall spring variety, and it was a dark green) I began dropping the photoperiod and then I began putting it outside for some cold temperature. Night here is now around 30-35 degrees. As usual, I was trying to forget about the plants until it is too cold for them outside. This time, concerned I had started the new VFT into dormancy a bit quickly, I went out to take a look at it. It now has a flower stalk about 3/4 an inch high... Sigh.

Anyway, I moved the poor confused little thing back inside and, since it looks reasonably healthy, I am planning to let it flower. I suppose the care given to at the store was so bad it thought it was in dormancy...? I am wondering whether I should start it into dormancy right after it is done flowering or just wait until next fall? Or half way through summer? Do VFTs self pollinate very well? I usually let the bees do that but... I guess, what can I do to help it get pollinated?

PS. Mutant Hybrid, you recomend Neem Oil, and I was wondering if it is fine to use on seeds or if it is able to smother them?

Thanks everyone.

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I'd say wait. Where did you get it? If it was a good nursery, then ok but if rescued from a store then it won't have the strength to survive the winter (and maybe not even flowering). I'm keeping some under the lights for the winter because they were in a dark store for so much of the summer.

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You can use Neem oil or sulfur powder. Both will work. I have sprayed neem oil on seeds, plants, soil, anything that needed fungal treatment and it never caused any problems. Just use as directed as with any other product.

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I would cut the flower and as long as you can keep the plant from freezing to death, let it go through a proper dormancy.

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