pitcher may be dieing

Night1513November 17, 2013

I won this purple pitcher from a event a few weeks ago. Many of the pitcher are turning brown and closing. I do water it every 6-7 days, and I have hear of dormancy before. But now sure how it works, I live in New York and I live in a college dorm. Please help I will post photos when needed

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Without knowing what condition you are growing your purple pitcher plant, it's hard to diagnose what you are doing wrong. It is approaching the time for the plant to go dormant. A drop of photo-period, cooler temperatures will trigger its dormancy. But that it's pitchers are all dying & closing may indicate something else. It could be the plant is undergoing shock, from growing in a slightly warm & humid greenhouse to a home that is drier, cooler, & less light.

Another issue is what water are you using. Is it tap water, drinking water, or purified water; which are bad for the plant since it contains enough traces of minerals. It must be watered with distilled water (check the label if it states minerals have been added, that is bad & some companies have been doing that), rain water is next, & the third best is reveres/osmosis water.

What place do you keep the plant? If you have it someplace that receive little light, that would cause it to go into shock, this a re sun loving plants. Have you repotted it? Things like that will help to determine what's wrong with your plant

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this is a photo of it

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The water I used is distilled water, I brought a gallon of it from a local store from where I live. As to how I got it planted, I won it from a raffle here on my campus. I think the guy said it was in a bag or something of that nature

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