Brug over 8 feet tall no blooms :( 4 PICTURES

lovetogrowflowers(8)September 30, 2010

I am so proud of how big it has gotten, but very disappointed because not many blooms. I've had like three flushes of blooms. Each time the blooms were very few. Then the buds just stopped growing.
They just fall to the ground at the size of a head of a pencil.

I hope everyone was right and it was the heat. I have more buds now that it has cooled off, and they are growing, but not sure I have enough time left to see if they'll open.
Just sad as this was my first year with them in the ground and so wanted to enjoy their beauty. How long should the buds take to open?
Sorry, I'm not to good with a camera. *LOL* I resized, but also left original so you could get a better looks at them.

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The plant itself looks beautiful. I'm haing the same issues with bud drop due to the excessive heat. I figure I have until just about the end of Oct before we get a freeze and you should have a bit longer. I think you'll see more blooms before all is done for the year. Just cross your fingers that we don't get an early cold snap.

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that plant is just beautiful. I am going down this weekend, and have already put new batteries in my camera, I am hoping to have brugmansia blooms. October is just around the cornor. I have 3 brugmansia that did not freeze and hope to have blooms. I have 6 plants that I started from cuttings, this spring, and maybe I might see blooms on a couple of them. I can't wait to go down. Barbra,

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This is something I am hoping my seedlings would transform into.... the plant itself is so healthy, full and green... good job.. :)


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Hi Scott,
Your plants are really green and beautiful.
What is in your soil and what have you fertilized with.
Brugs are in the same family as tomatoes, and I had tomatoes like this one year. All of the blooms just fell off. I was told it was too much nitrogen, and they were right. I don't have soil that I can dig a flower bed in. My soil is all roots from too many trees. I use cotton waste for dirt. It is dark and rich, but really high in nitrogen the first year. It is true that high heat will make blooms fall off, but it looks more like the nitrogen to me.

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Thanks everyone for all the great compliments. Im just hoping and praying i get to see more than just a couple of blooms. Theyve bloomed but have been very few. Im now noticing more and more buds since it cooled down and those buds are actually growing. Im checking them daily.

As far as whats in my soil. I remember adding Sphagnum peat moss, perlite and organic choice garden soil. I mixed up a mixture of all that with my Georgia clay. Lol. I didnt measure anything. I'm a newbie. I just mixed it all together until i had what i felt like was a good looking and good feeling/texture of what a nice soil should feel like. Lol. When i was done it looked and felt a whole lot better than Georgia clay.

I know that makes no sense, but thats what i did. I tried to get it the same feeling and texture of what the soil felt like in potted plants that you buy. I wish i could explain better but thats what i did.

As far as what i use for fertilizer, even though some are against it, i use miracle gro. The kind you Mix with water. I use that about twice a week. I read they were heavy feeders and a slow release fertilizer wasnt a good option.

I would like to point out that every brug that ive scoped out in my area has not had hardly any blooms this year like they did last year. One lady up the street has one brug with many blooms. Its mostly shaded, yellow blooms and looks very healthy. Three others she has in lots of sun look terrible. They're over 4-6 feet tall with 90% less foliage than mine have. I stopped and asked her the other day how she cared for the one thats mostly shaded. She said she cared for them all the same. She uses slow release fertilizer and only waters when they droop from lack of water. Lol.

Weird huh? Ive babied mine and got maybe 12 blooms all season and thats about 4-6 each time theyve bloomed. Others in my area are in the same boat as me. Yet, this lady just neglects hers, hardly ever waters, uses slow release fertilizer, and the one thats mostly shaded has about 20 blooms. Go figure.

Its gotta be because its shaded, maybe the yellow can handle the heat. Cause her others look terrible, not yellow. They look like a 4-6 foot tall
Bush, 3-4 main branches, with about 15 leaves/foliage on it and one bloom
hanging from it. Hey, i cant say to much, lol, shes got blooms. Lmao. Okay ill shut up now.

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Midway - What do mean it looks more like nitrogen to you? I'm confused. Please advise.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

love, it could be that the yellow variety puts out more buds. My short yellow bloomed once early this fall with about 20 buds/blossoms. It has another flush of buds that I am hoping will open inside.

The pink brug growing right next to the yellow one did not set buds until very late fall. It is in the entry way, over 6 ft tall and had many buds but most have fallen off. Eight are starting to open.

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lovetogrowflowers what they are saying is that maybe you are using a high nitrogen fertilizer which promotes foliage development. Higher phosphorus and potassium promote flower and fruit development. A bloom booster fertilizer has little nitrogen and a lot of phosphorus. When buying fertilizer look at the N-P-K ratio and get something with a higher middle number.

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Hi Scott,
Sorry it has been so long.
Angel Trumpets are in the tomato family. I had tomatoes that were just like your angels. Big beautiful bushes, but little or no blooms or tomatoes. The problem was too much nitrogen. To reverse this, just get some fertilizer high in phosphorous.
I use super bloom. Use it instead of the miracle grow. I bet they will begin to bloom. Try it on just one plant if you want to. What I have found with miracle grow is, you must flush your plants at least once a month to get the salts out. Good Luck

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

You might want to test your soil PH very acidic soil will not allow the plants to access phosphorous or potassium. I believe phosphorous is needed to produce flowers. Brugs like a soil ph of 6.1-7.8. Other than no blooms it looks healthy.


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chena(z8 Texas)

Once those babies bust out some blooms you are going to have a boat load.. I can't wait to see. I do agree with the advice you have been given..Even going Organic will give you a balance and blooms...


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The first year I had brugs I had very few blooms. I only had two plants, both NOIDs, but one was white and one yellow. At the end of the season I dug them up and put them in my wheelbarrow, not having a pot large enough for their enormous roots. I stored them in the garage and those crazy plants bloomed all winter, in the cold garage, in the dark. It smelled so good in the garage, I hated to go in the house. It wasn't unusual to have 40-50 blooms on each plant at any given time. When I forgot to water them for a couple days, they stopped blooming and all the leaves dropped off. I thought they had died. Then I watered them, and they grew all new leaves and put out another huge crop of blooms. Craziest thing you ever saw. It's hard to believe this is a tropical plant.

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glaswegian(5b, Ont)

The brug ever bloom, what's the update?

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