Mulch and CP's

lostbutlookingNovember 26, 2006

Hi all

I have my VFT's and I Sarracenia outside in a new bog garden. It is starting to get cold at night, we may be down to freezing this week, what can I mulch these plants with? Straw, Leaves, bark?? Any and all advice dearly welcomed. I am in zone 9 if that helps we very seldom ever get any snow and the days are getting into the high to mid sixities.

Thank you

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Sphagnum peat, as in the big bags of it from Home Depot or Lowes, is what to use. Also pine needles.

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Thanks I do have pine needles and the peat moss and it is definatly freezing here. I used leaves the first night and so far okay, will change them out for your recomendations.
Thanks again

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Fortunately or unfortunately, there are several ways of approaching dormancy for Sarracenias, VFT's and the like, depending upon where one lives and what they have don't have available to them. For instance, 2 years ago we didn't have an attic and my VFT's were tried out in a variety of locations, including between the storm and inner kitchen (not cold enough)windows, as well as the screened porch (where they froze), and eventually in the refrigerator's butter keeper (as was). Last year we moved to Buffalo, NY and I toted my minibog buckets to the attic, keeping them by the SW window. The plants went to sleep and then began waking up in late February. That's my experience. Others also have greenhouses at their disposal. Whatever works for you, that provides seasonally reduced light, near freezing temps, and reduced watering - that's what you want to do.

Here's an example of the minibogs, just after bringing them outside, following dormancy:

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Zone 9? You do realize that these plants are native to the the Southern US and Carolina coast? What flavor of Sar do you have? S. purpurea ssp. p is native from NJ North up into Canada. Neither flytraps nor sars should need any mulch in zone 9.

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myrmecodia(7 NC)

In zone 9. I wouldn't bother mulching vfts and Sarracenias. If your days are above freezing, I'd think that the mulch would just prevent air movement and encourage rot. I'm in zone 7, and I never mulch. The VFT and Sarracenias are perfectly hardy in temperatures above 20 F, and I haven't had any problems even when temps drop to 10-15 F for a few hours.

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How about mulching a Drosera Capensis..sundew in a zone 8 or 9?

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I tried it here, zone 8a-8b, but it froze,flytraps and sarracenias only, for me!

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