Key Lime Losing Leaves

jallen26January 26, 2006

Hey Everyone, I'm new to growing citrus and found this forum has a lot of great info on it, so I thought this would be the right place to ask a few questions. I have a key lime tree that I got about a week ago thats starting to drop leaves like crazy. It did ok for the first two days, since then its been dropping about 7 or 8 a day. I read that the upper section of roots needs to be very close to the top of the soil or even exposed a little. When I potted them the first time I buried them atleast 1 -2 inches so I uncovered the top sections yesterday. It only seems to be dropping leaves from the middle section of the tree. Also, the leaves that have dropped all started growing a "mini leaf" that attached the existing leaf to the stem, then dropped the main leaf afterwards. I added a link to a photo album with some pictures to help explain that one. The main leaf falls off and leaves this small leaf behind. Does anyone know if this is normal in the winter? Will this small leaf keep growing and replace the main leaf? I have a meyer lemon tree too and its doing great. The key lime is on the right in the picture with both trees. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jeremy, the double-leaf's shape is least you know your lime is a Key..the double leaf is a great indication.

I'm thinking your tree is losing leaves because of change of location and repotting, not once but twice. It's in a state of shock. Give it time, and all should be well.

In the meantime, just for good measure, check for insects..Look for webbing, white, cottony patches, shelled immobile scale.
The inspection is just for caution, I'd bet it's shock. Don't repot again, leave plant in one spot w/o moving around, water soil well, but let dry out between waterings, mist daily, and give the best sun possible. South or west windows are best. Toni

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Hey Toni, I inspected the tree and I dont see any insects or anything, so luckily thats not a problem. I think I had the woody part of the roots buried a little too far under the soil. I emailed Toby at four winds and he said the top section of roots needed to be exposed a little or a key lime would die within a month. I took a little soil away a couple of days ago and only have had 2 leaves fall since. I guess I was suffocating the poor thing! Thanks for your help.


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Jeremy, good thing you phoned 4winds. Now that spring is nearing, I HOPE, you should see new leaves where the old ones dropped. Little baby foliage will sprout. I notice some of my trees are sending out baby leaves, so that tells me spring is approaching.
Good luck, and I hope that was the problem..something as simple as a little too much soil..Toni

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