Animal eating my plants

veggie_girlJuly 28, 2014

I've been having a problem with something eating my plants. Each time this happens at night. This last time, I put a cutting in a pot and the next day found it on the ground with bites taken out of it and found a pad taken from another plant with a bite.

They have been drying out for a couple of days so that I can try again. This time I will bring them in at night. I hope they make it.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I would cover it with chicken wire.

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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

I had this same problem a few years back. My solution was to build a cage around the plants that were being attacked which was all of my Jade plants. It is a bit of a pain but I lost too many plants leaving them out in the open.

Another option is if you have a deck or somewhere that is raised up and blocked off to where the animal can get too. I never did find out exactly what was eating my plants but I gave up trying to catch it and just built a cage to keep my plants safe.

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Weird thing is, it's the ones on the second story balcony that are getting attacked, so it's something that can climb. Since this happened I've been bringing all the ones out there in each night and out in the morning. I have to figure out another solution. So a cage huh, how did you do that?

I just hope the cutting on the right is not too damaged to be able to root now.

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