Let's Try This One More Time!

justin1012454875November 30, 2009

Hey everyone!

I haven't made any posts in a long time for one reason no stores sold any C.P. but I found some! I had some trouble my first time because I didn't keep them in water all the time I would water them twice a day. That turned out to be a disaster -.- Anyway I bought a baby Purple Pitcher and a decent size VFT. The home there in now is a Temp. home I forgot to buy the moss mixture for them when I was at the store *Facepalm* so they are in there little containers sitting in water. Tomorrow I will get small pots and get them in a cozy pot!

Here are some pictures of them.

*There is one big pitcher that is purple there is a dead pitcher in front of it making it look dead but it's not!*

*This has two live pitchers*


*This has NO dead traps ^_^*


*Here is a picture of there home for one night*


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Sorry for not putting the links there I know it's a pain to Ctrl + C then Ctrl + P! *Well at least for some people...*

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WOW! Those URLS don't even work! Well here are the links! Sorry ^_^

(Purple Pitcher)


(There Temp. Home)

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