Encouraging new Pitchers for beginner...

Vesper13November 27, 2012

I am new to the site as well as to the world of Pitcher Plants! I fell in love with one at a greenhouse this past summer but was only given simple/basic instructions at best. The plant at time of purchase was full of gorgeous green leaves and had at least 10-15 tendrils/pitchers lavishly hanging down. All was well with my beauty until a recent move. While relocating into a new house I left my Pitcher Plant on a table by a bright sunny window overnight until I could affix it's hanger in the window. During the night my pet house rabbit nibbled at and ate all the pitchers! The rabbit is fine, Pitcher Plants pose no danger to rabbits. My problem is this about 2 months has passed and I have no idea how to encourage new pitchers to form. I have her now hanging in a lovely window where she gets great sun throughout the day. We have steam radiator's so there is humidity in the air and it is generally at about 68 degrees. I mist around her every-other day or so, keep her soil moist with collected rain water or melted snow. I have fantastic green leaves growing and TONS of new leaf-growth spiraling up but see only 3 pitchers growing close to the soil. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help?

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Tommyr, a participant here on our forums, and a cp expert, offered this advice in another thread:

Don't worry about humidity, they're pretty adaptable. For mold/fungus use a SULFUR based fungicide.

How long do te pitchers last?

Never timed mine out but at least a month I think.

Do these plants produce pitchers year round?
No. They stop in fall/winter for the most part.

How can I encourage it to veep producing pitchers as the old ones die?
In late winter/early spring spray them with a 1/4 strength orchid fertilizer every 2 weeks

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