Mystery Sarracenia.....

drwurmNovember 3, 2007

So, i found these little sarracenia at a nursery the other day, and decided to save them from inevitable death. I took some pictures with my lame camera phone, hopefully they can give some impression. The first pic is next to a 6 inch ruler.

They're all green at the top, possibly because the gods made them that way, or because they were growing in no sun.... Anyway, as you can see, they're growing pretty densely, the stems/leaves/pitchers are red close to the rhizome, and the openings to the pitchers are more ovalesque than circular.

Got any wagers on what these might be?

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Where did you buy it?
It looks very much like a S. Rubra.
Good luck,

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try to get a clearer pic,
it's hard to see what it is.
- Adrian

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Unfortunately, until I raise the money for one of those newfangled electric picture takers, I'm stuck with my terrible quality camera phone. Me buying new plants on impulse is not helping my fund......

I got it from an Armstrong Garden Center. Just a chain of nurseries in california. here's the site, but it probably wont do much good.

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Really tough to tell from the photos. Carnivorousplant's vote for S. rubra sounds like a very good candidate. Could be others too though, or a hybrid. You obviously have the best view, so here's a link... scroll down to the Sarrencia and start scrolling through the varieties to see if there's a match. Your plant is obviously still a juvenile, so don't pay too much attention to the size listings as those are for mature plants. Report back if you find a match!

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I agree, it does looks like S. rubra more then anything else. Mostly because of its arrow shape hoods.

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Rubra does look the most similar, of course, that's a species with a lot of variations. Though, according to The Savage Garden, it's usually the canebrake sweet pitcher. So I guess I'll keep watching it, Thanks for the input, I might have to do this again some time. The CPs this place sells are always generically marked with these dumb information cards that just list the genus. The capensis I purchased from there was selling as an "Octopus Plant."

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