looking for special garden fence

trianglejohnApril 26, 2010

Sorry this isn't a plant question but I am looking for the old timey style of wire fencing called 'double loop wire fence'. My recently purchased 1950's farm house just screams out for this type of garden fence. My dad had it around his garden. My grandad had it around his. Now I want it around mine. I can find plenty of sources online but was wondering if anyone has seen it for sale in this area (anywhere within a days drive of Raleigh).

With my luck I would spend a fortune having multiple rolls of this sent here only to have someone say "oh, THAT style of fence. The old hardware store in my home town still sells that".

It was popular way back in the 30's and 40's and they still make it. If I hadn't been grieving I would have gone outside and yanked all my dad had around his place and rolled it up and hauled it back here - but I think for what I want to do, fresh new rolls would work better.

I have kept my eyes open for it whenever I travel around the state. Plenty of fencing stores have it as a special order item, I was hoping to find someone that actually has it in stock.

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Hi John, I've been told that Ace Hardware can order this type of fencing for you. Hope this helps. Judy

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Thanks Judy - I visit the downtown Raleigh store every once in a while and will ask them about it next time.

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