Lack of pitchers?

daveyjonesNovember 14, 2007

Hi everybody. I'm sure some of you can remember my previous posts showing my N. x velvet from Sarracenia NW. Since purchase it has produced 1 new pitcher, and the old one already there is now browning up. Anyways... Since the last pitcher opened I have been eagerly awaiting another. There are several vines growing from leaves, and they all have teeny tiny little pitchers on them, but none of them ever get any bigger. The one pitcher I do have is thriving, and leaf growth, although slow, is occurring. I'm not using any fertilizer, and it has 2 75 watt cool white CFLs, plus sitting in a west facing window. The temp. is high 60s to mid 70s in my room, but no say on humidity. I water about every 2-3 days. I know I'm just being anxious, but I just wondered if you guys had any additional tips. I have a N. Ventricosa which is going crazy, so I don't think my conditions are that horrible. Sarracenia NW said the plant easily acclimated, etc.

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Well, perhaps the nepenthes is growing slowly and needs time to pruduce it pitchers, mine took two and a half months to produce it s first fresh pitcher! It's only halfway before it will open up. Have some patience. Also I would like to know about your humidity and soil mix. Your lighting and temperature sound pretty good anyway.

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I really have no idea about the humidity. I have a humidity measure for some old pets I had, but it's at home. I guess I'll bring it back after I go home for thanksgiving. The potting mix is Sarracenia NWs Nepenthes mix, there's coco husk and some other stuff in there. It drains well. And the baby pitchers haven't grown at all in at least 1 month.

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nepenthes_grower(10 SW FL)

Since your light and soil seem too be fine, then i would check water and humidity. You are probly using water that is pure enough and it doesn't sound like that, so check and make sure that it has enough water to stay moist but not dry or waterlogged. After that is checked, then i would set a tray of pure water below the plant but don't keep it standing ing the water. This should raise the humidity.

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When I do water, the water runs right through the pot in a matter of seconds. I would classify the soil as damp, and I use only distilled water. How big of a water tray would you suggest setting under it? The pot is 6 inches.

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Sarracenia Northwest grow their Nepenthes in Oregon. They start them off in a greenhouse when they are small and then adapt them to low humidity as they get bigger. Oregon humidity is rather low, so your plant should be fine unless your humidity is lower than Oregon humidity.

Some Nepenthes species do not pitcher consistently. My N. sanguinea does, but I have had a couple of Nepenthes a while back that only produced a couple pitchers in a year. When you see a bunch of leaves with tendrils and small swellings on the end, but none of the swellings grows larger, they will not make new pitchers... the plant simply begins concentrating on the next leaf that is unfurling. Just keep giving it consistent temperatures, lighting, and pure water and it will be fine. Eventually it will make more pitchers when it feels the time is right.

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Pitcher production is tied in with the photoperiod and temperature. They are tropical plants and have ~11-13 hours of light every day. All highlander and lowlander aside, they still like warmer than room temp - temps. But get your photoperiod closer 12/12 and in a few weeks you will see more pitchers emerging.

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