Newbie Brug Grower Update

Andrew ScottSeptember 9, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Wow, to say that these tropicals take some time to bloom would be the understatement of the century but my dtermination to see one of my 4 cuttings bloom this year has finally paid off!!

First I have to say thank you to all the members here. I also need to say thank you to my good friend Bo. Without her, I would not havbe even had the cuttings. I am really pleased that some of you have shared with me some tips and also things to look out for.

I have one cutting(And it is actually the smallest!) and it was the only one that budded up for me. The first bud took around 3 weeks for it to grow and mature. Up till today, I was convinced that I was going to end up with a nice lemon yellow flower. Myfriend Bo told me that the cuttings were yellow and pink. I did have them seperated and some were even labelled as to the color of the cutting. Today, I ran outside first thing after waking up(My neighbors who see me must think I am whacko!) to check on it and it was almost fully open, and PINK!! I did notice that the flower initially started emerging as green. I know everyone here must know this but I observed how the flower starts to emerge from the bud as green and then as it grows and the sun light hits it, it turnes the color it is supposed to be. My brugs is a peachy pink. What a gorgeous flower. This is all I needed. To get hooked on another tropical. I all ready grow tropical fruit trees, plumerias, jades, angel wing begonias, bird of paradise, and several more! I harly have the room for these!!!

I was told that these will store well in a dark basement. I will have to read some older posts here on this. I can't imagine not having each of these plants next year! Can someone tell me how they store there brugs? I live in zone 6 in western NY. If anyone in a similiar zone can share there techniques, I will be very gratefull!!

Once the flower is fully open, I will post a picture of it here. Right now, it doesn't look like it is fully open and I cannot detect any fragrance from it at all. This darn weather in NY has been really cold and wet for the past 2 weeks. We have yet to have a dull day of sunshine in the last 2 weeks.

I am also looking for some more cuttings. I would like to find some variegated forms. I know there is a member that posted about having to get rid of some of the cuttings they have and I will contact them today.


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Congrats on your 1st bloom. They can easily turn into an obsession. lol I remember my first pink brug, Frosty Pink, I think, and I was sure that it had been mislabeled when it started to bloom because the flowers were yellowish cream. Pretty much all pinks open a different color and change to pink as they age. BTW you'll only detect a scent from brug blooms at night.

For storage keep your brugs in their pots. If you have enough space you don't have to cut them back but if you are tight for space they can be trimmed to about 8". You want to get them stored before your first freeze and you want the soil to dry out as much as possible before storing them. If the foliage gets droopy don't worry because you'll remove it anyway. Keep the plants somewhere dark and cool but above freezing like a basement or a garage if it's warm enough. You want to water infrequently, just enough to keep the roots hydrated, maybe a cup a month depending on the conditions. If it's not cut back the softer growth will shrivel but don't worry about that until the spring. You also want to stop feeding your brugs about 4 weeks before they go dormant.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Karyn,
I forgot to mention that mine also is a Frosty Pink. I am glad that this was the first brugs that I had to flower. The name describes the flower color perfectly. My flower is a pretty salmon pink and it has that frosted look to it. I also noticed that the second day it stayed closed until evening and then opened. Also, the fragrance was so powerfull, it reminded me of cat pee!! It has mellowed out today. I actually have it indoors now. I brought it in last night because i was afraid of rain leaving brown spots on the flowers. I have NO experience with the this plant. I had a brugs many many years ago but it died before it made it to 8 inches tall. Thanks for the advice for the winter storage. Is it like plumeria at all, meaning if the main stems start to shrivel up it needs water?

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You store it under similar conditions but it's much hardier then a plumie. Even if everything above ground dies back it will still return from the roots as long as they are alive. You can actually keep them inground year round if you are in 7b or warmer. It's important to not over water them while dormant or the roots will rot. A little drink about once a month is usually sufficient. The ends of the stems will most likely shrivel but that doesn't mean it needs water.

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