Jade plant needs help!!

elsa57July 18, 2014

I have a jade plant which was in perfect condition, then all of a sudden the leaves started to wilt on it, some people told me I'd over watered it, some people told I hadn't watered it enough, so I thought I would repot it and start again. when I did this I found it hadn't got hardly any root system at all and the plant fell apart into 4 pieces, can anybody tell me what I can do please to save it or shall I throw it away and buy another!!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey! These Jades can be salvaged, I believe.
Pot it into a very fast-draining and porous mix. You must ensure oxygen in the root-zone, or else the roots will simply rot again. If you don't have resources to make your own custom mix, I suggest that you add about 70% Perlite (rinsed) to your potting mix.


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And add probiotics to your mix, I think. It will help to cure roots. I do so.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the problem i see.. is how you are going to make them stand up.. in new pots... with no roots to hold them up ... they being so tall and large ...

second.. they root rather easily ... there is no reason you couldnt root some smaller pieces ... google for that info ...

my usual default on plants with no roots.. is that they rotted off ... and with cacti.. that isnt from lack of water ... perhaps.. based on the size of the plant.. your media failed after so many years ...

you could also cut off most of the height.. leaving just one or two small branches.. and then you could repot those ....

finally ... i see stains on the trunks.. like they were planted too deep at some time past ... perhaps that is normal for these plants... but not how i would do it...

you have so many options to experiment and learn with what you have there... and that was the point i am trying to make..

or just throw it all away.. and go buy a new one ... up to you.. whether you want to learn ...


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Elsa, yes as Josh says it can be saved. B&Q sell bags of 'Verve' horticultural grit and bags of perlite. Wilko also sell perlite if you are near any of those shops. Any good pet shop offers reptile bark, (Pets at Home may have it, not that I advocate buying actual pets from there mind you!!) I would go for small or medium grade if there's a choice. I find that the mulching type of bark is way, way to large and is already breaking down too much as its the wrong type, I think cedar is sometimes used for reptiles. All these ingredients are in the recipe you need to mix. I put about 25% of each of these 3 and add the remaining 25% of standard cactus mix...it looks odd...but it WILL work! Good luck.

Gill UK

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

And to prop up these tall trunks, simply use some stones or chop-sticks :-)


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Thank you all very much for re-plying and helping me out. I am now going and taking everything into account as to what you all have said, to see what I can do.
Watch this space!!!

Thanks again

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Indeed these plants can easily be saved. Your plant was actually 4 rooted cuttings, not a single plant in the first place. A repot into a fast draining mix as previously mentioned, and your Jades will be better than ever. You can also pot them separately if you choose. Personally, I like the single trunk look.


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