Mulch question

jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)April 14, 2008

What places do you folks deal with when yuou need fresh mulch. I've been buying cedar mulch from HD, but that place is too high. I talked to Ogburn's and Stephenson's and they're about the same price. Got to have it delivered too. Any ideas, folks?

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Try Mulch Masters ...... ... or just google mulch masters raleigh. They're on Durant and deal in lots of differing mulch types and more, pick up and delivery. I live nearby and find myself constantly in line at a light behind a MM truck, so they're definitely on the road in force!

Their rotted leaf stuff is tops. My yard was initially done professionally and mountains of the rlm was tilled in to amend the soil. Every spring my 'garden elves' re-mulch with the same and my yards have thrived (I prefer to let them do the heavy lifting!). Compared to the bagged stuff some of my neighbors use, the rlm has staying power thru the seasons and makes for super rich soil as it breaks down.

Ok, commercial over :o) ...... no, I don't work for them! Just the humble opinion of a satisfied customer/user!

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

This doesn't answer your question because it has to be picked up, but does anyone know whether Durham is doing their usual Mulch Madness free compost giveaway this spring? Did I miss it? I just found out that I missed the Duke Forestry pick up days and would hate to lose out on them both.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Funny thing. I called around to several mulch suppliers and got prices, etc. Well, I got to doing some figuring, and the mulch I want (I use cedar for several reasons) cost just a little more if I buy it bulk from one of these guys than if I buy the bags from HD/Lowes. Of course, the overall bulk charge includes $30 delivery which I don't incur when I pick it up at HD. So, really not much in the way of savings at all by buying bulk.

Additionally, I don't have to find anywhere to store the bulk 2-3 yards if I buy bags, but I have to distribute and mess with the bags...which isn't THAT big a deal. And, I don't have to buy it all at one time (can't haul that much anyway).

So, unless someone can come up with with something I've missed, I think I'll but 2cuft bags.

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mrsig(SC Zone 8)

I've found the's a wash economically between the bags at the big box stores and buying in bulk. Personally, I think the bags are easier to manuever/get-around and you can easily save any leftover bags you have and use it later as good as new. The only downside is the waste of all the plastic.

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I've had the same experience with compost. Had a truckload of compost delivered last year and figured out that with the delivery charge, the bulk cost was actually a bit more than buying bags. It's a matter of cost versus convenience in this case, where the convenience of bulk and delivery costs more. In my case, there's no way I could've fit 8 cubic yards of compost in the Kia! Probably won't be needing such large quantities again, so from now on I'm just buying bags.

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Bradsher's off Gresham's Lake Road in N. Raleigh has various mulches, rock and soil comparable to Mulch Masters and their prices are less. I don't know what they charge for deliver, however, since I've got a pickup truck.

Also, the City of Raleigh yardwaste landfill has leaf mulch, compost and bark mulch for very good prices but they don't deliver. They are having a 2-for-1 sale on mulch during the month of April.

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Be careful buying mulch at from landfills. They are mixed with all sorts of things you may not want in your yard. I once got mulch from the local landfill.It was suppose to be pine bark mulch, I had to remove all sorts of debris as i spread it. That fall I was growing large and stinky fungus. I say get the bags of mulch and know what you are getting. Happy spring

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I agree with bluesgarden.
One time, We tried the mulch from our landfill.
It was full of trash such as cigarette wrappers as well as weed seeds. Ours also grew a weird fungus.

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