Best way to prune Osteospermum?

abufish(z10 CA)October 26, 2011

We just moved in a new place where lots of Osteospermum are growing on a slope. It probably has been a while since they last cut it and it gets really thick and woody. Gray stems can be seen anywhere and some longer stems are more than 8 ft long!

I'm looking for a way to prune them (cut them back). I read online that you can mow them? That's probably hard since the slope is almost 45 degree and some stems are really thick (half inch). Or should I just remove them and plant something new altogether?

Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Good things about Osteo: Need almost no maintenance, water need is minimal, flowers are pretty dazzling in a mass. Controls erosion on a slope.

Bad things about Osteo: Can grow out of bounds and can look poor out of flower.

There's a reason this plant is used on freeway plantings and slopes (see good things above).

If you want to freshen it up, just use a straight shovel and chop out parts. It is easy to remove part or all of it.

Whether you want to replace it is up to you really.

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abufish(z10 CA)

Thank you! Looks we will have to replace them altogether.

Is Myoporum a good substitute? Or Gazania? We need a groundcover that's low growing, drought tolerant, half-sun, do not attract bees (like Aptenia) and rodents (there were lots of grains under osteo, I'm suspecting some little animal made it their home before).

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