Name That Weed! (or Grass?) Pictures! How well can you score?

eldemilaApril 16, 2010

So, we bought this home in the Greenville area. Closed in January while it was cold, snow on the ground. Left first week of March and just returned last Sunday.

The piece of land I wanted oh so bad, well, I'm not sure just what to make of it! I've always wanted a good size piece of land, nice garden, etc. but I honestly didnt think about what may lie dormant and what may grow up in Spring.

I see what seems to be different types of grass, not just one kind. There are bare spots (very large areas) with no grass growing on the clay soil and I'm not sure just what type of grass (seed) should be put.

Also, there appears to be LOTS of weeds of all different kinds. Not sure whats-what, other than a dandelion. How do you get rid of these, and what to use??

Below are some pictures of some of what I am finding in the yard. Can anyone identify any of these and advise on how to get rid of them? There may even be a picture of some chives, or at least they look like chives!!! May be a couple double of any certain weed in the bunch, after a while I forgot what I had/hadn't taken a picture of!!

Thanks for any input!

Here is a link that might be useful: Name That Weed Pictures

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Tammy Kennedy

You'll have to make the album public- it wants a password right now.

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Regardless of what they're names are - weeds are pretty much treated with chemicals, with one type of chemical on weed grass and a different chemical on non-grass weeds or broadleaf weeds. I don't like any of them. You have to be very careful of how to apply the chemical, when you apply, and even if it appears to have killed them they always seems to come back eventually. It is just easier to chop them or dig them out while out in the yard working. You can also just mow them down with the mower which will usually stop them from seeding if you mow them constantly.

The chives are probably wild onions or wild garlic - a common yard weed. They have a strong onion/garlic aroma but no flavor when you eat them.

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Sorry, didn't think it would ask for a password.

The Password is Debbie


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Well it can be important to know which weeds you have so you know which are annuals and which are perennials.

First one looks like grass!
Second one is Bittercress, an annual (already setting seeds and dying in your picture)
Third/fourth: yeah, a dandelion, a perennial with a taproot
Fifth:looks like a type of grass
Sixth: perhaps deadnettle - Lamium is the scientific name, I think it is an annual, already dying
Seven: a grass of some type, perennial
Eight, hard to see, but looks like seed heads on a grass
Nine - not sure the name, but a weed!
Ten - same as seven, I think
Eleven - a weedy member of the Ranunclus family, I think
Twelve - japanese honeysuckle, a weed and woody vine
13/14: looks like a Rubus family member (probably has tiny prickles)
15: more japanese honeysuckle (red stem and lobed leaves very characteristic)
16: a grass, probably not bad
17: not sure
18: wild garlic/onion; will die down in summer but then come back from little bulbs; multiplies over time to make bigger clumps
19: think that is a maple tree seedling with dandelions
20: a baby oak tree with some weedy geranium under it
21: geranium (weedy)- there are good geraniums, just not that one
22: more maple tree seedling
23: don't know that vine
24: a perennial weed, not sure of the name
25: can't really tell from the picture if that is a grass or what

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WOW! I'm impressed! Of course, I wouldn't know what was right or wrong, but wow, you seem to know your weeds. NOW, how the heck do I get rid of what I need to get rid of? Anything I shouldn't kill (somehow)?

Thanks for your knowledge!

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