where to buy hanging baskets? (empty)

vha7777(7)April 10, 2009

Hello, I'm in the triangle area and I have been looking for hanging baskets (the metal wire kind that you line with moss). I have been looking at the usual stores but they all seem to expensive for just some wire bended in a circle! haha does anyone know of a good place to get some baskets? 16 inch or larger? I wanted larger baskets so I don't have to water so much in the summer heat. Thanks!

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i tend to frequent places like dollar stores and big lots on the off season while searching for gardening bargains. i stumbled across some hanging baskets at big lots for $2.50 each while everybody else was looking for snow shovels and ice scrapers. of course, this doesn't help you right now. if i were you i'd try the dollar stores and make do with a few at "normal" prices and then really stock up later this fall (if you can wait that long!)

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Dollar General, Dollar store, Family Dollar, and my old stand by, Wal Mart. And check at Garden Ridge too. I also have run into great bargins on pots and supplies at the Dollar store, I also got a bunch of hanging baskets for $2 or so. And I've got some terrific deals at Garden Ridge. I ran into a pallet of clay pots, large ones, that had been dropped in shipping. Some were cracked others were in perfect shape. They stuck the whole pallet out for .25 cents each. I left with a buggy full of clay pots for a couple of dollars. Happy bargin shopping and good luck!!

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thanks for the suggestions! I might just want til the fall and stock up (i have enough plants to deal plus I'm cheap, haha) Just one quick question about baskets, I really like the look of the cone shaped ones but do you have to treat them any differently then the regular circular shaped ones? Do they dry out a lot fast? Also, there isn't much space for roots so do I have to be more selective with the plants I choose? Thanks again

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tamelask(z8a NC)

I saw some on sale yesterday at the local joann fabrics for half off. They still weren't what i'd consider that cheap, but they had the round ones and the whole long window box type.

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