Nepenthes rajah

carnivorousplantsNovember 5, 2007


cobraplants just got a batch of N. rajah.(I've been waiting 3 months!!)

Since I've been growing some intermediate-level carnivorous plants I

thought I'd give this plant a try.Besides, the day temperatures could'nt

be better!!! I understand light and everything, now the problem is night

temperature.Any suggestions?I thought of putting it in my refridgerator

at night but it's temperature is 40 degrees.



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Hello Carnivorousplants,

Aside from the expense of a compltely climate controlled greenhouse or terrarium, you could go for the more work related, but cheap and simple, method of placing a few bottles of water in the freezer by day and setting them around the plant at night with the bottles and plant pot in an ice chest. Just modify how many bottles you use and check the temperature for a few hours till your happy with the arrangement and leave it like that at night with the chest open. The cold air will remain low and settle in the chest, chilling the plant to the desired temperature, while keeping condensation, and thus humidity, high. The refrigerater would produce a dry cold, something the N. rajah would not enjoy at all. The only problem is you will have to remember to keep up with the arrangement every day and night to give the plant the temperature drops it likes.

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Thanks mutant hybrid !!!!
That's just what I needed, I'll try it and see if it works.

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By the way,
Any ideas an how to keep the day humidity high other than misting?
I know that N. rajah likes really high humidity but I can't be misting them
all the time since I have to at school for 7 hours.I don't have a humidifier so that
would'nt work.Would putting a plastic dome around the plant work?

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Yeah, a terrarium, dome, or any enclosure would work to hold moisture in. Check your region's humidity levels and look over the plant's needs and see if you have enough humidity for it naturally. If not, find a way to enclose the plant, adding a few holes for ventilation. Keep central air vents from blowing directly on the plant as that will disrupt the humidity near the plant and dry it out too. Large water trays help, just raise the pot out of the water with a block of wood or other pedestal arrangement so the plant will not root rot. The water tray will provide constant evaporation around the plant, increasing local humidity near the plant.

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