Dwarf Meyer and Clementine - fungus gnats!

eileen_liJanuary 4, 2014

I'm hoping someone can help me. For Christmas 2012, I gave each of my children a citrus tree that we potted: a dwarf Meyer Lemon and a Clementine. When the weather got warm, we put them outside. When cold weather began to arrive, I moved them back inside but didn't do anything special other than carrying them in the house - should I have done something? Right now they are situated in front of south facing windows in my living room. Recently we began noticing tiny black flies. Now they are all over the house. Yuck. I sprayed the trees with castile soap/water/vegetable oil combination. I have NOT overwatered the trees at all - in fact the soil is dry as a bone and I think the trees are thirsty but I am afraid to water. I won't use chemicals to treat the gnats. Any other ideas? We left apple cider vineger in jars but no flies were captured. I even considered putting the trees outside overnight to see if it kills the gnats, but am afraid of killing the trees. (It was a whopping 1 degree F here on Long Island last night.) Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks-

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That will not control fungus gnats, Eileen. The proliferate if your soil is overly wet. And, they will spread to other houseplants. The best product I've ever used is a product called Gnatrol. You can purchase it on amazon.com. Follow the instructions. It take 2 or 3 applications, but it works better than anything I've used. And, it is safe and organic. It is a biologic larvicide and carries the OMRI certification.

Patty S.

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Thanks Patty. Do you think it was the soil we used? I repotted in July. Either way - should I have done something different when I moved the pots inside in the mid fall?

The link below is what I found on Amazon. Is this what you are talking about?

Here is a link that might be useful: Gnatrol on Amazon

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