OT: Please pray for Albert

honeybunny2(Z9TX)September 13, 2012

Betty just called me from the intensive care until in Corpus Christi. Albert is in critial condition, his organs are shutting down, and they do not expect him to make it. Please pray for this wonderful man. His user name is PrinceAlbert. Barbra

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I am so very sorry to hear this, I remember him well here on gardenweb, Albert and his family will certainly be in
my prayers.
Thank you for posting this.
Big Hugs,

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maile_2010(4 Central MN)

Our prayers are with him as he has been an inspiration to us all.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

We will keep Albert and Betty in our prayers.

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I remember Albert from way back when. My prayers go out to him and his family.

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I am so sorry to hear that, Please let Betty know, he will be
in my Prayers, Albert is such a nice man, Thank you for posting here


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So glad I took the time to log in. Thanks so much Barbra for letting us know about Prince Albert. Sending prayers their way.

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I just spoke with Betty. Albert passed away at 1pm this afternoon. Please keep them in your prayers. This will be very difficult for her being alone at their new place. She is bringing him home to Belton to be buried possibly Friday. I will see her then and ask John if I can go back with her for a few days if she needs help with things.

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I am so sorry to hear this Kristy. PA will be missed by us, but Betty will be hurting for a long time. Hopefully she has some family she can turn to, but it's good to know that you guys are closeby, or willing to travel to be with her.

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What terrible news, so sad. Albert is the kind soul who answered my questions about brugs--I'm usually on the plumeria forum--and then offered me several cuttings. I think of him whenever I water those plants.

Please express to Betty how this virtual stranger remembers him fondly, and sends her deepest sympathies.

Jennifer in Austin

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I am so sorry to hear this, Betty will be in my prayers.


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I just spoke to Betty, they just got to Belton. She asked me to post the funeral arrangements. It will be Thursday at 1:00 PM at Dossman Funeral Home in Belton. She will be staying with her daughter for awhile. She told me how happy she was that they moved to the coast, that was Alberts dream. Barbra

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I went to the funeral with Luzia,(givelittlegetlots) I think was her name on here. It was a lovely funeral and Betty help up really well. I she is back home and missing him of course and having to figure out how to do the things that were his little projects around the house or duties he did while she did others so she is having a bit of a hard time with that but sounds remarkably well other than not sleeping at night. I told her to get her daughter to teach her how to go on facebook and here so she can check in and visit a bit. They have so many projects half finished. I wish I was close enough to help but will go down for a weekend sometime in October. I don't think she is really ready for company. Just trying to process the loss right now. I told her about all of you and all the prayers and she said she really appreciates it and that Albert thought the world of his plant friends. He will live on with the plants he shared with so many of us.

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Thanks for the update, Kristy. There's not much one can do to ease the pain in someone that has experienced loss of a loved-one other than to let them know you are there. Time will help Betty, hopefully she has family close-by to look in on her.

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She has kids a couple hours away but she said she is just trying to figure things out. You know how it is when you have been married so long you don't pay a lot of attention to his chores or how he did them where he kept the stuff like insurance paperwork but she is doing well considering.

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I went to Betty's to help her with auto and life insurance. We were suppost to go to Social security on Friday, but she disconnected the phone. I have no way to get in touch with her. I feel she is ok. They have 4 adult children, who love her. I have to tell you. I was there on Sunday and Monday after the funeral, to help her. I made the calls for her, but they wanted to speak with her. She was able to handle everything, as long as she had a picture of Albert in her hand. She told me that she is so happy that she move down to the coast, that was Albert's dream. Barbra

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Betty called me, she is going to move back to Belton. She asked me to plant some of Alberts favorite tropical plants in my yard at the coast. I planted two NOID brugmansia plants, since they looked like they tolorated coastal elements more than the named plants. She asked me to plant his favorite coastal plants at my house, she did not want to take them back to Belton. I went home and planted them immediately. She dropped by I showed her the flowerbed where I had planted everything. I told her the bed is full of tropical plants incuding 26 named plumeria. I told her I named the bed after Albert, since it now has his tropical plants planted with mine. She told me that she could not think of a place where he would rather see his plants. Barbra

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

This is good news, Barbra......I know Albert is pleased and smiling knowing his plants have a good home.

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Barbra, I'm so glad to hear that you'll be able to carry on Albert's plants there. They couldn't have found a more loving new home!

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Barbra, I just missed you down there. She said you had just left when we got there. She sent me home Albert's Variegated brug to nurse back to health and over winter for her and I can give it back to her when she moves back up here. She seems to be holding up pretty well all things considered. She is such a sweet lady. I hate that this happened to such a happy couple. He will be missed.

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Kristy, I am sorry I missed you. I would have loved to meet you. I am so glad that you are helping Betty. She wants to find good homes for all of Alberts plants. She said she will keep some, but most will be given away. She already took a trailer load to Beeville for her daughters friends. Did you see the banana tree with all the bananas? Betty told me that Albert stopped on the side of the road, someone had trimed their banana trees last Dec., he took the stalks home and planted them. I told her that was a miracle, not only did he get them to root, but they are producing bananas. That has to be a miracle. Last Dec he showed me a 5 gallon bucket, with hibiscus cuttings he put in Oct. He pulled them out, and there were roots to die for, I think he could root anything. Barbra

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I know he could. I am so happy to say his variegated brug is doing well since I have killed so many of them this is a miracle. I need to check in with Betty. Haven't talked to her in a while.

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I am so sorry to hear about prince Albert, he was the kindes person to every one, he answered my questions when i first looked into brugs.
He has to be somewhere special.

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