Question about moss again.

hero81November 19, 2007

If moss looking like tiny Christmas Trees sprout, is that bad?

Most all of my pots of Venus Fly Traps have that stuff everywhere. It looks like the VFT is surrounded by grass.

It looks nice, but I need to know if it's all THAT dangerous. Or if it's even a threat.


-Hero 81

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Why don't you post a picture? If it grass, it depends what type. One thing is the "grass" very small single flat leaf blades? Or it looks like regualar grass?
Now if the moss looks like christmas tree, it could be sphagnum moss. Try posting a picture to get an idea what you have. Nobody can know for sure until they can see what you have.

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If I remember, I'll try to post a pic of the "good" moss vs the "bad" moss tomorrow. I must say though, I don't know why the "bad" moss is condsidered bad, apart from the fact that it isn't the "good" moss.

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Okay, here's a picture of good moss versus evil moss. Ignore the brown dead stems in the photo - they are from a Nepenthes that was cut back. The good live moss is the pale green to light brown sphagnum moss on the left half of the photo. It isn't always this color, I have some with my pitcher plants that is bright green, and some with my sundews that is quite reddish.

The evil moss is the stuff on the right side of the photo. It is darker green and it is much finer and more upright than sphagnum. It also has little brown fruiting bodies that grow above it on stems about the thickness of hair. You can see three of them on the right half of the photo.

I'm not sure why the bad moss is considered bad, except that it certainly doesn't make a nice rooting medium like sphagnum moss.

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Well It is still extremely small (barely sprouting). It's green, but then again it's just sprouting.

My apologies that I cannot post a picture. My camera's focusing engine is broken, so even if the picture was slightly blurry, You wouldn't identify the moss still.

It's not fine so I'm assuming that it's alright...

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That's regular moss, if it hasn't harm your plants. Then its okay. Its "good" moss.

Bad moss are the ones that can harm your plants, some release chemicals that can kill CP. You gotta be careful if your plant begans to show signs off stress when surrounded by moss. But that's rare and most moss doesn't harm your plants and simply add color to the plant.

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hi please can you just tell me is this safe moss or evil moss thank you so much

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