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fly_traperNovember 18, 2006

srry i have been offline for so long, my inter net is down

(i am using a relitives)

anyway, i was reading the savage garden (great book)and i thought of something. as a nepenthes grows along it's climbing stem will it still make lower pitchers when it gets high up, or will those no longer exist?

:-) chears, :-)

:-) chris :-)

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Welcome again Chris.
Well the answer to your question is no. Once a plant starts producing higher pichers, that stem will never produce lower ones. Because each type of picher is adapted to capture certain types of prey. The upper ones are more colourfull to atract flying insects, and the lower ones usually have some kind of brushes to help the crawling and non-flying animals to climb in. But the good thing is that you can have both types of pichers on the same plant. How? Well, later the plant will begin to put out some shoots, and while these give lower pichers, the mother stem will continue to produce higher ones. In some species that takes a lot of time to reach the climbing phase (like N. rajah) the higher pichers are rare. On others (like N. lowii and N. eymae which are by far my favourites) the upper pichers are very exotic and have nothing to do in shape with lower ones. This is another thing that makes Nepenthes species even more interesting... =)


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ok thanks for the info. i rely apreceate it

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