Venus flytrap dormancy question.

majestypalm(Zone 6, Newfoundland)November 20, 2013

I have one venus flytrap that has grown normally all this summer outdoors and is showing evident signs of being ready to go dormant this fall so far. i also purchased a few plants around the middle of october and they all had strong summer growth. So my question is , was my purchase a waste of money? and i have both my regular dormant ready plant and the active growing plants downstairs near a window in a unheated room for this winter, making sure they are watered and dead growth is removed. is there any insight or perhaps something im doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

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So what did you do wrong? Are you referring the plants you bought in October? If they already had a good summer growth. So, then once colder temperatures sets in & the photo-period drop. These will also go dormant. Don't water them as much, just keep their soil moist.

Now if you are having buyers remorse, there isn't much you can do about that.

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majestypalm(Zone 6, Newfoundland)

I hope they adjust well, my other plant that grew outside all summer looks bigger and lower/shorter leaved growing then my store bought upright growing smaller vft's.

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