Invasion of the Lacewings!

blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)January 6, 2014

It seems the past couple months the bug gods have been good to me. I have noticed a nice boost in the population of Lacewings in my trees (Citrus, Hibiscus, Plumerias, pretty much every tree). They eat all kinds of bugs including aphids, white flies and leaf hoppers. They will also eat the dreaded asian citrus psyllid (although I think the brown lacewing eats the ACP).

Has anyone else seen a rise in Lacewings?

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Invasion... strange word to use for benficials. Also seems like an odd time of year for lacewings; but in California, who knows! Be happy, unless of course the reason you are attracting them is because your trees are infested with bad bugs.

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I used to get them here in TX, in winter. But the County gets more and more aggressive in it's fight against West Nile Virus and they spray with a twin engine plane and I rarely see many beneficials anymore.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

tantanman, I hope WNV calms down soon. It must feel really bad to see all your good bugs go away. I kinda know how you feel in a way, I accidentally killed all my lacewings and other beneficials off a couple years ago by using sprays but now I try to go all organic and not spray much (if anything). Now they seem to be coming back in droves!

Johnmerr. Look at it from the bad bugs

I havent seen many around here in the last few years (my grandfather was spray happy) but this year we have alot. I walk out into my backyard and shake a tree and POOF, lacewings are fluttering everywhere.

I dont have many bad bugs in my trees, most problems are with aphids and CLM on my citrus but there are no bad bugs anywhere as of now. That why I thought it was kind of strange to see so many lacewings. I hope they arent We have been having a strange winter here, almost like a mild summer at times. Not many chill hours below 50 this year where Im at. Compared to last year where we had MANY hours under 45 and some mornings even close to 35. I dont think it got below 44 this year. Not any rain either.

Do you know if they eat CLM larvae?

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