First Foray into World of Mesembs

birdguideJuly 8, 2014

I just purchased a few mesembs; my first attempt at growing these. I have Titaniopsis hugo-sclecteri; Lapidaria margaretae; Dinteranthus microspermus and Pleiospilos bolusii. Anyone with any experience and growing advice etc on any of these would be welcomed.
All are in terra cotta pots in a very porous mix that dries out rapidly. I have the Titaniopsis and Dinteranthus inside under grow lights and the Pleiospilos and Lapidaria outside with my cacti where they get full sun from about 7:30 AM until 1:30 PM.
It's basically 95+ here everyday this time of year so I water the outside plants every 2-3 days which seems to work. The inside plants get water as needed which this time of year is about every 6-7 days. Any ideas are surely welcomed.

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This is the Dinteranthus microspermus var puberulus

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Lapidaria margaretae

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Titaniopsis hugo-schlecteri

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Lapidaria margaretae is a one of a kind in a sence and the only common one I have.The watering on your end sounds about the same as mine in refferance to the temps.

Dinteranthus microspermus var puberulus is on my must have shoping list looks very attracting My suggestion for it I think it could be a little to deep in the pot.

Under lights during summer ? Are they winter growers ?

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The Titaniopsis is a winter grower.....I think the Pleiospilos is more opportunistic. I have them under lights because there isn't anywhere inside the house I feel they would get enough natural light. All my south and east facing windows are heavily shaded by vegetation. I guess I should build a protected shade enclosure outside for the winter growers, but haven't gotten to it yet.

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Great choices! They won't be happy for very long in that extreme grit. Mesembs need a sandier mix to grow well. I don't have time to describe it but a simple search of this forum will yield and reveal my thoughts on soil.

All of these plants want lots of sun, not full sun but they need that bright outdoor light. Also, don't water the Titanopsis right now. They're fully dormant in summer and will turn to mush if you water them before they wake up. Lapidaria is a thirsty plant.

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Thanks! I'll search for the soil info.

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Titaniopsis For what it's worth ( as the opposite is possible to be said.)

Winter growers don't like heat if they get to hot the tops of a few heads will start to change odd darker colors to black a few at a time and could also decay completely.

Over summer and parts of fall DO NOT WATER but you can expose it to outside under cover night time air for a couple nights now and then if needed, if or when heads begin to wrinkle for night time cooler moister NORTH CAROLINA air Or in a sense watering them in cooler air over night.

Your mix is nothing to sneeze at, seems to me you already had done some soil researching. For the type of messebs you have, both pot choice and grit mix is as good as it gets. In a few succulent pots I don't use turface at all, after some time passes turface becomes as close to sand as a sand box can get.

Even in grits like yours that you made after you had researched soils your mix should work for you.

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Bleep, bloop, brrrrnnnnnt!

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Better yet say that to a full sun loving hyacinth and after that repeat the same to the first few rows of corn on the farmers field. Point being is different full suns are eventfully changing though out the year.

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Very addictive they are....

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Thanks everyone for the feedback and experiential advice. I found the lengthy exchange that took place on this forum last February regarding soil and gritty mix. I had no idea this was such a controversial subject. So far all of my C&S are doing well in the gritty mix, but I also understand various plants have different requirements and we need to be mindful of such. I will take all the advice I can get from more experienced growers and forge on knowing I will have successes and failures.....and that the latter will be a valuable part of my education.

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Yeah it's a controversy here for sure haha. But it's a fact that people have grown mesembs very successfully in gritty mix and also in a less gritty sandy mix too. So I think it really comes down to personal experience and finding what works for you. Your plants look super cool, have fun with them!

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Yours also look great. Best of luck with them!

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Thanks :DD

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Nothing better than some advice from the master himself, Steve Hammer:

Art of Growing Mesembs

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Agreed. Actually read that article before my post and purchase. It begins with a discourse on how several successful growers use very different methods to grow the same plants. Thought I'd try and further my education with experiences from the forum. Clearly the responses have confirmed Hammer's point.

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