Tree planting in Mountain Center,

toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)October 5, 2012

Anyone familiar with Mountain Center (elevation 4,518ft)? It's about half way between Palm Springs (elevation 440ft) and Idyllwild (elevation 5345ft). Somehow Idyllwild is really Woodsy, in the middle of a forest, but mountain center is a lot less woodsy, less trees. It's because of climate? or less water?

If someone owns acreage in Mountain Center, is it possible to 'artificially' introduce bunch of trees? What would be the best trees to grow there?

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Most likely you get less snow and rain because you are on the rain shadow side of the mountains, and precipitation falls off as one drops in elevation descending to the desert below. You can grow trees there, but will probably do best with those that naturally grow there or planted species that do well with less water. You can't expect the same trees of Idyllwild to do as well for you unless you give them irrigation in summer.

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

Well, you may have already checked this, but...Idyllwild is USDA Zone 8a, Mountain Center is USDA Zone 8b...both being Sunset Zone 7. I've not paid that much attention, but when going through Mountain Center area on our way to Idyllwild from Fallbrook, seems that it's the same evergreens as Idyllwild, but the growth is more sparse. You can possibly get more info from the 'Idyllwild Garden Club' website also. I'd post you a link.....but don't know how to do that on this website....

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Consider tree selection carefully if your area is prone to wild fires. wc, use the "optional link url" to paste a link

Here is a link that might be useful: idyllwild garden club

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)


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