leaves curling

ancfanJanuary 14, 2010

I have a mandarin(drawf)orange tree that has oranges on it that are almost ripe, but the leaves are curling up. Is this normal?

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Is this tree indoors or out? In a pot or ground? Where do you live?

The leaves should be flat no matter how much fruit or how ripe..

I would check first for any insect sucking the leaves dry, underneath the leaves with a magnifying glass..if you suspect insects treat as asap.

Are you watering enough or too much. Dehydrated plants can cause curling up.

Are you providing to much light and not enough root warmth?

Are the conditions for your tree hot and dry from being indoors?

I hope this is a start to figure your problem...


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Thanks Mike, the drawf trees (mandarin and meyer lemon) are on our back porch, they get a little light, I'm sure they are warm enough. I live in the sierra foothills in CA they are in lg pots. I will check for insects.

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You probably won't be able to see mites with the naked eye, if they are the problem. definatly if you can, invest in a good magnifying glass. Next to a water meter of some sort, that will be the best thing for your plants..:-)

If you don't get one, spray the tree for insects to be on the safe side anyway, especially under the leafs and the entire plant..;-)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It might make a difference....are the leaves curling UP or curling UNDER?

Just to add to Mike's comment about the spider mites, if I may: most people can barely see them with the naked eye, but they ARE visible. A cheap-o magnifying glass is all you need, really. You can find decent, inexpensive ones at most grocery stores or pharmacies.

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Rhizzo, I can't even read the price tag on a new pair of shoes...That could be my problem..lol

Maybe I would do fine with a cheap magnifying glass if I used glasses too to see close..

Have a great weekend Rhizzo...:-)


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Algerian???? I think it's my algerians but I forgot what I planted where.... Anyway, there is one variety of mandarin that has somewhat curled leaves. They are worse on trifoliate rootstock. Does the lemon do it to? If not then you may be fine.

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