Can venus fly traps grow in zone 10 San Francisco?

presidiogardenDecember 12, 2010

I really want one of these guys- I have been fascinated by venus fly traps since 3rd grade.

Below is a link to my garden set up- it doesn't get much direct sunlight during the winter but gets a good amount of it in the warmer seasons. I have a mister on my garden hose to keep it moist. The local garden center sells them so they must grow here, right? I worry it's not humid enough this side of the Rockies.

Here is a link that might be useful: My garden

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I just found out my zone might be 8b and not 10...

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banjoman(z7 NY)

Venus Flytraps need water with very low mineral content. Do not use the mister on your garden hose unless you know your water has low ppm (very low mineral content).

Grow your venus flytraps outside during Spring, Summer and Fall in full sun. They need to be in pots with the appropriate soil - Not regular soil. And they should NOT be exposed to any fertilizer. Set them in a tray of water. Maintain water in the tray - either rainwater or distilled water, but I would not use your town water.

In winter, venus flytraps need to go through dormancy. Where you live, they may need to be protected from cold winter winds. A garage or attic may be ideal for this.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Where you live, they may need to be protected from cold winter winds.

You're kidding right? SF doesn't get cold enough to worry about. I'd grow them outside year-round. Use 50/50 sphagnum peat/perlite for soil. Let the soil dry out to the moisture of a wrung out sponge during dormancy and protect from excess water as cold and wet = rot.

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I am excited- there is a nursery a few blocks from my house I might just walk over there today and pick one up! Woohoo!

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I would advise against letting the potted VFT sit in any kind of pool of water. Not good. I lost one this way. What I do is just water or spray it when I spray my mosses daily. I set my remaining plant on an inverted pot so it will drain out. It is kept outside year round and takes temps into the low 30s on rare occasions. I am down south in Santa Maria, Zone 9b. Mine does not seem to go into dormancy at all so I do not worry about it.

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