Rotten spots on Nep?

justin1012454875December 7, 2009

Hey Everyone!

My Nep. is getting rotten spots on it's leafs? I don't keep it in standing water only damp soil. The soil it's in is just Spagnum Moss because I can't get the proper mix I've order some from yesterday and should be here tomorrow! So I was just wondering what can I do to help this plant?

This is the plant he stays by a sunny windowsill inside.

Here is the most rotten leaf.

Here is the biggest pitcher on the plant hes a trooper!


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That plant looks unhappy. I would pour water through it every couple days, allowing the water to drain right through. Also, I would have artificial light about 4-6" above it.

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Also, I would get it out of direct Sun unless it VERY early morning or very late afternoon Sun. Bright diffused seems to be their favorite.

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Humidity is too low, that is why the leaves curled. Try bagging it up or place it in a covered tank.

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