Does anyone here know how to graft different color into one???

olympia_gardener(5)September 14, 2012

I have red, white and yellow. I am thinking of reduce three plants into one to save space in winter time. Does anyone knows how to graft Brugs? Appreicate anyone shares this particular skills and knowledge

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Hmmm, I think I will have to try this, sounds very interesting!

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

I don't do grafting, but I do plant two different brugs in the same pot...It's been interesting :)

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You can do a google search on grafting, or check out you tube video. I'm sure there's someone who's tried it before!

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Now with winter fast approaching here on Long Island, I will have plenty of "spare parts" to give this a try.
Will try grafting a stem cutting onto a stem cutting, perhaps a "Pink Beauty" onto a Charles, or a Sauvions onto a Charles, or Ecuador Pink onto Charles.....I figure that the lack of foliage on the stem cuttings will allow the graft to "take", and the bud on the rootstock will give me the base color....this should be fun????

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I would do the grafting in steps, easiest if you have a base brug that already had some stem splits near the base. Where you have a split, you can do a diagonal cut on one half and graft to the cut, this will give you a two color plant. Then graft the third color on a slightly higher split or another stem. Online instructions for grafting are pretty easy - line it up well and bind it per instructions.

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Crocuscottage, I notice you are in Long Island. I hope you and your family are all OK. Hope all fellow GW members in Sandy's path all safe.

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