What to plant them in?

back2eight(South MS)December 15, 2005

I cannot buy vermiculite, sphagnum moss, or perlite anywhere! I went looking all over town yesterday. I found orchid bark and sphagnum peat moss, but no live or dried long fibered sphagnum, and no perlite or vermiculite anywhere. When I asked for it they looked at me blankly and asked if that was a plant. So what else can I use for my CPs? I didn't see any silica sand, either.

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I imagine that it would be hard finding potting soil this time of year.
I would recommend looking for a swimming pool dealer nearby. They sell the silica sand, that's where I get mine.
Then you can mix your peat moss and sand together, equal partts, and use this for most CP's.
I only use vermiculite in my soil mix for Mexican pings.

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Did you try Home Depot or Lowe's? My Home Depot always has a ton of Scott's brand peat and perlite on the shelves. I'm not sure of the brand of sphagnum, but I always find it at Lowe's.

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back2eight(South MS)

Thanks for the tip on trying a pool place for the sand. I'll have to do that. I did look at Lowe's and they had a big fat NOTHING except some peat moss, which was good, but that was the place that when I asked for perlite they thought I was talking about a plant. They had some Christmas trees and lots of pansies but that was it. On another note, I just had to take a plant out of my terrarium that was growing a fungus. I took it out to treat it. I hope I got it out before it got to the other plants.

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When it comes to peat moss, it's best to purchased brands such as "shwultz peat moss" or "Lambert peat moss" these two brands have worked quite well for me to grow my insectivorous plants. I once tried "scott's peatmoss" as i learned how to take care for them. Despite that i gave my plants good lighting and watering, they would grow out long, pale sickly leaves and malformed traps.(i am assuming scott's peat moss is considered to be used for regular house plants due to its contents & for Cps) from my personal experience, if you want your flytrap or other cps to grow healthy as they should, stay away from "scott's peatmoss", try purchasing "shwultz peat moss, Lambert peat moss, or Canadian brand peat moss".. Perlite.. perlite caneasily be found in Home Depot or Walmart, either of these stores, there's a guarante that perlite is available. Vermiculite.. or sand, yes these two are quite complicated to find. Perlite is a perfect substitute for vermiculite & sand. Perlite, sand, or vermiculite will only allow your plant's media to have a good drainage capacity. vermiculite or sand won't make your plants grow 'better' they will only achieve great drainage, Perlite can perform this as well. Plus, perlite it self is way cheaper than sand & vermiculite. a bag of perlite is around $2.99. same thing with a 8 gallon bag of peat moss(shwultz, Lambert or Canadian Brand)you can also find the peat moss at walmart.
About sphagnum moss or live sphagnum.. Don't rely to find them in your local plant store.. they will 'try' to sell you something else or try to convince you that their moss they have is a great substitute when it's not.. they will most likely try selling you 'green moss' or "sheet moss" do not purchase these mosses, they're only adequate for reptile terrariums or other plant decorators, they're not suitable for carnivorous plants, trust me i tried. the only thing they make is mold around the base of the plants. If you want to purchase Live moss or sphagnum moss try looking at these websites:


www.flytraps.com (flytraps.com also carries peat moss)


PS: i hope this helps you. good luck.

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back2eight(South MS)

Thanks for talking about the different brands of peat moss. That helps. As far as getting perlite at Wal-Mart, right now they have nothing but Christmas items where the nursery items usually go. I live in a real small area, but the local nursery said that when the spring comes they will be getting more perlite in, they just don't carry it over the winter. So I'll just wait until then. I really don't need it until it is time to re-pot the plants anyway. (I live deep in the woods in a national forrest area in Mississippi and have to drive a long time to get to the nearest town.)

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no problem. You're pretty fortunate living away from the city.

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I too have been looking for those items and I too live in a small town and walmart has nothing only xmas items where their garden supplies used to be. I havent ckd lowes but from previous comments Im guessing the same thing there, so I will probaby wait till spring. I noticed thou over at ebay there is a 3bag deal going on for spahgnum peat, vermiculite, perlite, but only 2&1/2 lbs peat 1&1/2qt eaach of verm.per.for $3.50. Dont know how far that will go

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

I just had a strange notion... we use moss- both sphagnum and peat- for the CP's. What other mosses can be used? What about Spanish moss?

I was just trying to think of some natural material you might have right under your feet (or hanging over your head!)

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I think that kills cp's...i couldnt find sphagnum moss my first time with a cp so i used that....for about a week...probably the worst week of my plants life....i repotted after finding sphagnum moss at lowes :)

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